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Commutators line

Conmutadores de acero y mica

Steel and Mica Commutators

We build a high quality mica and copper commutator. We use the best materials silver bearing copper and mica, that product are used for buses, heavy duty truck and aerospace app.

8000 RPM max.

Comms characteristics:

  • Brush diameter max. 5.0 in
  • Bar length max. 3.75 in
  • Riser diameter 5.50 in
  • Overall Length 4.0 in
Conmutadores de moldeo

Molding Commutators

We use our molding compound that is strong for high performance applications and quality for motors, pumps and trucks starters.

10,000 RPM max.


Aplicaiones de Conmutadores de acero y mica y Conmutadores de moldeo

Slip Rings

Anillos Rozantes

Slip Rings

We manufacture alternator slip rings for the OEM market and aftermarket, both domestic and foreign.


Aplicaiones de Anillos Rozantes